The objective of Bio4Cryo project is to develop biobased thermal insulation materials, which would be applicable at cryogenic temperatures, using sustainable and renewable resources from agricultural and forest industry. In this project, traditionally used continuous glass fiber reinforcement will be substituted with nanocrystalline cellulose to decrease linear thermal expansion coefficient, to increase mechanical properties at both, room and cryogenic temperatures, and decrease thermal conductivity coefficient. The Bio4Cryo will focus on industrially feasible and up-scalable technologies while taking into account long-term industrial feasibility and sustainability of developed products and technologies.

The main objectives of Bio4Cryo project can be broken down in key objectives.

Within Bio4Cryo project activities will be carried out to reach these objectives and thereby addressing the scope of the call aimed at bridging technological readiness levels (TRL). Over the course of Bio4Cryo project, TRL will rise from 3 to 6.